Lighting Fixtures, Bars, Truss & Pipe Grids

HME has access to a wide range of various brands of lighting equipment ensuring that we can supply exactly the right product for your venue or project. From traditional halogen fixtures to ultra-modern LED instruments, the lighting bars and truss to support them we can design a complete system from school halls to major arts centres.

Dimmers, Desks & Data Systems

Using the most modern dimmer and control systems available coupled with the most economical choice of data systems HME can provide a complete lighting control package for your project. With access to the worlds greatest brands such as Philips, LSC, Artistic Licence and others we can custom design any lighting control package.

DMX & Ethernet Networks

As lighting systems become more complex the choice of the appropriate data network becomes more important for both the safe delivery of data and the savings that can be made using modern wiring technology. HME can help you design the most economical and reliable lighting data system using industry best practice.