Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance inspections are carried out on an annual basis to ensure that any mechanical system is being well cared for and that there are no operational or health and safety issues. General wear and tear is inevitable, however we always recommend regular maintenance inspections to prolong the longevity of each system.

Legislation and Australian Standards are geared towards persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) and responsible employees knowing the risks present in the workplace and taking all practicable steps to ensure that equipment is safe to use. This is particularly important in the entertainment industry where we are one of the few professions where most of the work day is spent under heavy equipment suspended from ropes and wires.

Inspections are scheduled Australia-wide during business hours and each service comes with a detailed report outlining all service checks, repairs, recommendations, parts and labour. To schedule a Maintenance Inspection, call us on (02) 9708 6614.

Remedial Works

When a problem or fault is identified with a mechanical system, remedial work or repairs may be required.

Firstly, we recommend that a competent staff member refers to the Operational Manual to ensure it is not an operational error. When troubleshooting any errors, please always make sure that it is safe to do so. If the problem continues to occur or if the machinery cannot function, then further assessment will be required by one of our technicians.

The remedial works necessary to correct the problem may be simple or complex and we make every attempt to schedule a visit as soon as reasonably practicable. HME prides on its reputation for our systems and services, so we have even made on-site visits late at night or on weekends if the problem is absolutely urgent. Please call us on (02) 9708 6614 to discuss your needs.

Compliance Inspections

Compliance Inspections may be required from time to time by Council, Insurance Companies, or Safety Authorities to ensure that any equipment or machinery complies with Australian Standards, Regulations or Codes of Practice.

HME can perform Compliance Inspections in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and rural areas. We issue detailed reports and certificates which can then be forwarded onto the required party to fulfil compliance requirements. If a repair is required for any system or component, most repairs can be performed at the same time unless specific parts need to be ordered.

Our technicians schedule visits when it's most convenient and we can also provide electrical inspection and testing at the same time to identify any potential damage, wear, and electrical fault. The frequency of inspection and testing will vary depending on the venue and the risks associated with the electrical equipment. Give us a call on (02) 9708 6614 to discuss your compliance requirements.

Ongoing Contracts

Service contracts are tailored to suit each venue. Many of our clients from large private or Government organisations request a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is an ongoing contract stipulating the scope of service to be received, quality or benchmarks to achieve, responsibilities and set pricing for the contract period.

If your company or organisation requires an ongoing contract or SLA, please contact us on (02) 9708 6614.

Height Safety

From Rigging products and materials, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and safety signs through to appropriate training for new and existing staff on safe operation of equipment, HME can assist with all your height safety needs.

All workplaces have a duty of care to ensure the safety of structures, equipment, workers, contractors, visitors, and guests and Risk Management is a necessary and formal process to ensure that risks and hazards are eliminated, minimised or controlled.

Managing workplace health and safety is a requirement for all businesses (including ours) so give us a call on (02) 9708 6614 to find out more.