Etihad Stadium

When it comes to stadiums, the more shows that can be staged in the year, the more revenue can be made. However, if the show is not U2, then there may be a need to make the 70,000 seat venue feel "smaller" when only 30,000 seats are sold. The concept of trying to sell a 1000 seat dinner on the field or large "staged" corporate event is great, but the idea of seeing those thousands of empty seats on the far side of the arena will make your potential client think twice.

Designed For Unison Lifting

The idea of lifting the very long truss length with convention solutions such as chain hoists was discarded early on. The reason was simple enough – if any one hoist failed, the resulting stresses on the single length of very long truss would be likely to be catastrophic failure. Those are words that any engineer tries very hard to design OUT of a system. Besides, even if the truss did not fail, exactly how would the venue then deal with a rig like this with one dead motor? They certainly cannot drive an 80ft boom lift onto the field of play without destroying the surface. The solution to a multi-motor system failure was proving to be very complex and difficult, whereas a single hoist could be manually controlled to safely allow a controlled decent of a whole truss.