Ron StageMaster Load Cells

Is a rigging collapse your worst nightmare? You probably have engineer’s reports as to how much weight your rigging system can support. You will also have the manufactured capacity of the hoists themselves.

Do you know how much your rig actually weighs?
Now you can see in real time, the entire load distribution and overload state, superimposed across your rigging diagram.

For over 40 years Eilon Engineering has specialized in the development and manufacture of Ron load cells based on the latest technologies available to industry. In 2005 Eilon Engineering decided to harness its extensive knowledge in advanced wireless communication as well as its proven load cell technology for the development of an advanced stage load monitoring and overload prevention system. This was the inception of the Ron StageMasterâ„¢ system which, shortly after its launch, gained international recognition as well as innovation awards at both LDI and PLASA. Since then, Ron StageMasterâ„¢ systems have been chosen by the largest venues, world tours and rigging companies.
HME Services knows how important accurate safety information is and the product mix from StageMaster offers unparalleled piece of mind in load monitoring.

With shackle based, cell based or inbuilt to the hoists, StageMaster offers wireless systems offering up to 10,000 hours of battery life and 200 cells per monitoring station and wired units with up to 200 cells daises chained on a single cable from the rig. The most accurate, expandable, flexible and reliable system available anywhere in the entertainment industry.