PROTRACK II Curtain Track System

HME offers an industry leading tracking system, predominantly for curtain and drapes that are suitable for schools, churches, theatres and high end opera houses. The PROTRACK II product has been designed by HME and is locally built and assembled by quality Australian companies. Almost silent in its operation PROTRACK II continues to offer high load capacity and the ability to accept a variety of conventional hardware (Unistrut / Doughty). PROTRACK II can be configured for both motorised and manual configurations. The HME team are able to provide you with solutions that suit both your technical requirements and your budget.

Straight Track Overlap

This is the most popular configuration for schools, theatres and studios. The lightweight yet strong PROTRACK II is suitable for manual or motorised operations, both providing elegant results for your venue. HME are able to engineer solutions from 6m through to 30m lengths and install into a variety of roof spaces.

Straight Track

The straight track option is predominantly used in (but not limited to) studios where long lengths of curtains are used to create box rooms or cover walls to create acoustic affects. Mostly, these arrangements are for hand paging the curtains into place. HME are able to provide recommendations for setting up your venue with straight curtain track.

Curved Track

HME cater for unique and intimate stages where curved curtains are suitable. The curved track maintains it strength and integrity along with quiet curtain operation. The HME team are able to assist with designing curved curtain tracks for your needs.

Drives and Control Options

HME offer both manual and motorised drives to suit both simple and complex operations. All manual drives are simple to operate and maintain, HME are able to provide recommendations to suit your venue.

HME have a proven record of supplying complex motorised drive systems for curtains (and other driven components) used in stage and theatre venues. Simple OPEN / CLOSE options can be upgraded to positioning systems to suit a wide variety of theatrical venues.

Fixing Options

HME provide off the shelf solutions for a wide variety of fixings and are also able to engineer solutions to fix the track systems to simple or complex roofing structures. The PROTRACK II is generally fixed at 3m intervals but each project is treated on its own merits so that the correct fixing solution is achieved.

Master Carriers, Runners & Pulleys

These components are critical for curtain operation and the HME runners and pulleys have been designed to ensure all combination of drapes, whether short, long, heavy or light, are all carried smoothly and quietly along the curtain tracks.