Jesmonite Products

Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based, modified gypsum composite material used to create decorative moulded products. Jesmonite AC100 can be cast or laminated using Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass. Jesmonite AC100 is supplied with a range of ancillary products including glass reinforcements, pigments, fillers, and control chemicals to adapt the material to the widest range of applications. Jesmonite AC100 is nonsolvent, contains zero VOCs and achieves a B-s1-d0 EN 13501-1 Fire Classification. Jesmonite AC100 is the ideal material solution for safe and lightweight decorative applications within a range of creative industries.

HME is very proud to be an official distributor of Jesmonite products in Australasia.

Jesmonite AC100 Base

AC100 is a weather-resistant product suitable for interior or exterior use. It is harder and has a higher impact strength than AC300. If being used outside the product should be protected with Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer. It is fire resistant. Normal casting and laminate requires a mix ratio of 2.5 parts Jesmonite Powder to Resin by weight, but a mix ratio of 3:1 is often used for covering directly onto polystyrene. Available in 2.5kg, 12.5kg and 25kg sizes.

Jesmonite AC100 Liquid

This is the resin component for use within the Jesmonite AC 100 system.

Safety Data: Jesmonite Acrylic Composites are solvent free, so work can be carried out in many locations without the requirement of expensive fume extraction services.

Available in 1kg, 5kg and 20kg sizes.

Jesmonite 6mm & 12mm Chopped Strands

Jesmonite Chopped Glass Strands can be added to all Jesmonite composites to give increased strength in thin section castings, and also to act as a filler to assist in laminating. Jesmonite Chopped Glass Strands are available in three types: 6mm and 12mm as standard glass, and 13mm Alkali Resistant glass which are designed specifically for use with Jesmonite AC630 to create a premix. Chopped strands can also be used to add impact resistance when applying thin sections of Jesmonite to carved objects made from polystyrene.

Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass

This type of glass reinforcement is tailor made for use with Jesmonite. It is based on the latest multiaxial glass reinforcement technology, which makes Jesmonite fibreglass laminates light, strong and fire resistant. It is constructed like a lace, with continuous glass strands in four axis (multiaxial) stitched together using the fireproof material Nomex®. There are very few free filaments, making the glass safe and comfortable to use. It can be accurately cut using scissors or roller cutters, and will conform to even the most complex shapes. This makes it especially suitable to mould making and panel construction. Please note that fibreglass matting (CSM) for use with solvent-based resins such as polyester is not suitable for use with Jesmonite materials.

Jesmonite Retarder

Set times of all Jesmonite composite materials can be extended by the addition of Retarder to increase working time. There is a Retarder for AC100, AC200 and AC300, and a separate Retarder for the cement based materials AC730, AC830 and AC930. Please note that the end user should perform tests in the workshop environment, as extremes of temperature and humidity can effect set times. Addition rates can be found in the individual composite user guides.

Jesmonite Thixotrope

Thixotrope is added so that the viscosity of Jesmonite can be adjusted to the users preference. This is particularly useful when applying a Gel Coat into a mould. By adding Thixotrope it is possible to apply a controlled 1mm – 3mm layer of material without it running off the mould surface. This also prevents glass reinforcements from showing at the face of laminated objects. Thixotrope can also be used to make the material into a paste, which can be used as a repair filler, and jointing paste for bonding two laminates

Jesmonite Pigments

Jesmonite Pigments are aqueous dispersions compatible with Jesmonite composites. When dispersed in Jesmonite materials they offer excellent chemical stability and heat stability. Call for further details. Pigments are available in 200g and 1,000g bottles. The Jesmonite Pigments shelf life is 24 months from the date displayed on the packaging.

Jesmonite High Sheer Mixing Blade

High-Shear Mixing Blades are essential for the proper mixing of all Jesmonite composite materials. They are specifically designed for adding Jesmonite Base into Jesmonite Liquids. The mixing action reduces air bubbles and ensures that the mix is smooth and free from lumps. Two sizes are available, 65mm and 105mm for different mix sizes. They are made from stainless steel, and will attach to all conventional drills.

The Small High-Shear Mixing Blade can be used for up to 5kg of complete mix weight.
The Large High-Shear Mixing Blade can be used for 5kg-30kg of complete mix weight.

Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer

This is a general purpose, clear acrylic sealer designed for use on all Jesmonite composite materials. It is particularly suited to our acrylic composites AC100, AC200 & AC300, where it will provide prolonged external surface durability, whilst retaining the key attribute of flexibility that is sympathetic to the natural thermal and moisture movement of Jesmonite. It can be diluted, and
pigments can be added to create colour washes to apply effects such as aging to the surface of Jesmonite objects. It has a predicted external maintenance schedule of 6 – 10 years dependent upon severity of exposure.

Product List

Item CodeDescription 
JESACPOW250 Jesmonite AC100/300 Base Powder 2.5kg Add
JESACPOW125 Jesmonite AC100/300 Base Powder 12.5kg Add
JESACPOW25 Jesmonite AC100/300 Base Powder 25kg Add
JESAC1005 Jesmonite AC100 Liquid 5kg Add
JESAC10020R Jesmonite AC100 Liquid 20kg Add
JESCS6 Jesmonite 6mm Chopped Strands Add
JES25QGF Jesmonite 1.25m x 20m Roll Quadaxial Stitched Glass Fabric Add
JES1R Jesmonite Retarder AC100/300 1kg Add
JES5R Jesmonite Retarder AC100/300 5kg Add
JES1TH Jesmonite Thixotrope AC100/300 1kg Add
JES5TH Jesmonite Thixotrope AC100/300 5kg Add
JES1B2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Blue Add
JES1B Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Blue Add
JES1BLK2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Black Add
JES1BLK Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Black Add
JES1BR2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Bright Red Add
JES1BR Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Bright Red Add
JES1BY2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Bright Yellow Add
JES1BY Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Bright Yellow Add
JES1C2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Brown Add
JES1C Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Brown Add
JES1G2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Green Add
JES1G Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Green Add
JES1RO2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Red Oxide Add
JES1RO Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Red Oxide Add
JES1T2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Terracotta Add
JES1T Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Terracotta Add
JES1WHT2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g White Add
JES1WHT Jesmonite Pigment 1kg White Add
JES1WYO2 Jesmonite Pigment 200g Yellow Oxide Add
JES1WYO Jesmonite Pigment 1kg Yellow Oxide Add
JESLDMB Jesmonite Mixing Blade - Light Duty Add
JESLMB Jesmonite Mixing Blade - Large High Sheer Add
JES1CTC Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer 1kg Add
JES5CTC Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer 5kg Add