Chain Hoists

HME is an exclusive Australian distributor for the Stagemaker SR Series Chain Hoists.

Pile Hoists

HME’s Electric Pile Hoists (EPH) are a solution that is used to suspended equipment such as lighting and scenery bars. These are cost-effective entry-level hoists which allow venues such as school halls to not need to use ladders to rig theatrical equipment.

Drum Hoists

The HME Electrical Drum Hoist (EDH) series is our premier hoisting range for applications where speed, accuracy and quiet operation are essential for theatrical flying hoists.

These hoists when coupled with advanced automation systems give unparalleled performance with regard to safety, operation and the uncompromising effects required for good theatre.

Band Hoists

Bringing all the features and functionality of the HME ProBatten into the studio environment has resulted in a unique product that will bring significant efficiencies to any working studio.

The HME EBH series band hoist is a modular, self-climbing hoist with on-board lighting batten that can cover any lengths or cable configurations that your venue requires.

Specialty Hoists

HME designs and manufactures specialty hoists for theatre venues, including a Safety Curtain Hoist and Microphone Reeler.